Virtual Office: Is Mail Scanned and Emailed?

For those wondering whether mail is scanned or emailed, here's a clear breakdown of the services offered:

  • Email Notifications for Received Mail and Packages: You'll be promptly informed whenever you receive mail or packages.
  • Hold Mail Service: We can hold your mail for up to 10 days at no additional cost.
  • Scanning and Emailing Service: For a fee of $5.00, we can scan and email up to 5 double-sided pages of your mail to you. This is a convenient option if you need a quick digital copy of your mail.
  • Mail Forwarding Service: If you need your mail forwarded to a different address, we offer a mail forwarding service for $15, plus any applicable shipping fees.

These services are designed to offer flexibility and convenience for managing your mail according to your specific needs. Whether you prefer to receive digital copies of your mail or have it forwarded to another location, we've got you covered.

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